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Together We Are (solo EP)

guitar, electronics, voice, drums

not released yet


Jij en Ik - 14'

string quartet, electronics, guitar

soundscape based work for exhibition: 'Jij en Ik' by Nina van Dijk & Annabelle Schatteman

Company - 4.30'

alto sax, cello, piano, bass, drums and percussion


We Were the Moon (full length album for Eskina)

guitar, viola, cello, bass, drums (+ electronics by Maarten Vos)

released at Challenge Records



1. Prologue / Waking up in an Old World

2. Eudaimonia

3. Maitri

4. Setting Sun

5. We Were the Moon

6. True Love Waits

7. Black on Maroon

8. Part Two

9. Dreaming of Each Other

10. Epilogue / Nighty Night

Bloom - 4.35'

piano, electronics, string quartet, double bass, flute, trumpet, tenor trombone, bass trombone, timpani, drums

for short film - Abiogenesis (Berlin International Film Scoring Contest)



Everything is Coloured (full length album for Eskina)

guitar, viola, cello, bass, drums


1. Red Yellow Tree

2. Many Faces

3. At The End of The Sea

4. Ruimte

5. Interlude

6. Nocturne

7. Little Bird

8. Everything is Coloured

9. Pyramid Song (arrangement)


In Between a Few - 5'

trombone quartet

Slow Song - 4.30'

choir SATB




Wirwar - 4'

string quartet

Stuk voor Piano - 3'

solo piano

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