Merel van Hoek (1994) is a composer from The Hague, The Netherlands. She explores the crossover from classical to pop by mixing chamber strings and guitar with discreet electronics. She is constantly pushing the boundaries of existing musical genres, trying to make a sound of her own. Close your eyes, lay down and dream away with moody strings, ambient guitar parts, evolving textures and gritty electronics. 

For her neoclassical popband Eskina she composed, performed and released two albums: Everything is Coloured (2019) and We Were the Moon (2021)


"She's on the fast track to become one of the coolest composers of The Netherlands." - Marzio Scholten

About We Were the Moon:


"Enchanted instrumental pop" - Jazzthing (DE)

"Rarely have I listened to an album that makes such an impression because of its inspiring sincerity. We Were the Moon by Eskina could very well become the world, jazz or pop album of 2021. Really splendid music!"

- Music Frames (NL)

"On the recently released We Were The Moon, Eskina has found a nice middle ground in the border area between classical chamber music and atmospheric pop." - Nederlands Dagblad (NL)

''Perfect synthesis between different musical genres" - Rootstime (BE)


photo by Ehlana van Roijen